AltFi Data Announces the Addition of Crealsa to the AltFi Data Analytics Platform

Published on June 13, 2018

AltFi Data announces the addition of Crealsa to the “AltFi Data Analytics” platform. Crealsa is a Spanish technology enabled lending company. It specializes in the discount of promissory notes and invoice financing. The entire lending history of Crealsa has been analyzed and verified according to the metrics established by AltFi Data, providing a standardized measure of return in relation to the risk assumed. This allows investors to compare the performance of the Crealsa loans with those of other originators. This includes leading platforms such as Zopa, Funding Circle, Ratesetter, MarketInvoice and Assetz Capital in the United Kingdom, Prosper Marketplace in the USA, and Lendix in Europe.


The availability of standardised performance data facilitates due diligence, risk monitoring, risk management, and up to date valuations of investment portfolios in debt originated by the platforms. This kind of reliable information is driving the adoption of loans issued by companies and individuals as a new kind of financial asset. Through its collaboration with AltFi Data, Crealsa can promote the alignment of interests with investors that is delivered by facilitating verified disclosure of historic track record to a consistent standard.


José Molina co-CEO and co-founder at Crealsa, commented:

“At Crealsa, we recognise the importance of allowing providers of capital to understand our lending performance. AltFi Data’s established methodologies allow us to demonstrate the performance of our entire historic lending track record to a consistent standard. This kind of disclosure reassures our investor partners that the economic fate of Crealsa is inextricably linked to the performance of the assets that we originate.”


Rupert Taylor of AltFi Data explained:

“We are delighted to provide Crealsa with a standardised and verified lending track record. Crealsa is our first partner originating receivables in Continental Europe. Originators are realising that a meaningful and credible track record can diversify their access to capital and reduce their cost of funding.” 


Crealsa Net Return 

The 12 month trailing net return that investors have achieved from investing via Crealsa can now be viewed alongside other major platforms and alongside the UK industry benchmark.

In addition to analysis of net return, AltFi Data also provides further analytics covering:

  • gross origination, net lending, change in outstanding principal
  • lending rates
  • bad debt rates, recovery rates and net loss rates
  • levels of arrears and transition matrices
  • term
  • Risk adjusted return including loss coverage ratios


All analysis can be segmented by risk grade, borrower type, security type etc. allowing full scrutiny of asset performance.



About the AltFi Data Lending Returns Index UK:

The AltFi Data Lending Returns Index measures the return generated from UK lending. Index values are time-weighted and published as aggregate annualised returns. The series expresses what an equal time-weighted exposure to every loan originated by the participating platforms would have returned over the preceding 12-month period. The Index is updated on a monthly basis. Index calculations are based on aggregated data from the 4 largest UK platforms by origination volume. Together, these four platforms represent over 75% of ‘market place’ lending in the UK:


Funding Circle




About Crealsa:

Crealsa was incorporated in January 2009 to offer alternative financing services to SMEs and the self-employed, including Promissory Notes, Invoice Financing and Credit Lines.


Extensive use of the New Information Technologies applied to finance makes Crealsa the benchmark in Spanish Alternative Finance. It offers agile and simple solutions on working Capital finance adapted to the needs of its clients. Its Vision is to be a reference in the Fintech sector, positioning itself as an Alternative to Traditional Banking.


Crealsa users can access these different Services:

– Financing: This service for Companies and the self-employed allows users of Crealsa advance collection of commercial credit through the discount of promissory notes, invoice financing or credit lines.

– Investment: Investors with a minimum ticket of €10,000 can participate in receivables financed by Crealsa, with 90% coverage, which allows them to obtain a recurring income with a high margin of safety and low volatility.