AltFi Data becomes Brismo

Published on November 29, 2018

We Are Rebranding to Brismo

November 29, 2018

AltFi Data has changed its name – introducing BRISMO.

Since launch in 2014 our performance verification business has grown in both size and complexity. We work with originators of loans – from SME and consumer, to real estate and receivables – and provide market leading performance metrics to a range of investor clients.

Having established ourselves as the global standard, the time is right for a fresh name and a new look. Our relaunched website provides more information about our products and services.

Why Brismo?

Brismo is derived from Brismau, the Welsh word for prism.

Originators report loan performance to investors using a dizzying range of different methodologies. This results in the need for onerous analysis right across the investment process, from due diligence, through risk management, to portfolio valuation.

However, if performance can be reported to a consistent standard, benefits accrue across the entire marketplace. Investors can deploy capital based on sound analysis and an efficient process, meanwhile lower deployment costs for investors translate into more attractively priced capital for borrowers.

Brismo brings this clarity to loan markets. We cleanse and verify millions of lines of data to create like for like comparable metrics. Think of the loan tapes from originators as beams of white light – Brismo creates the spectrum.