Brismo – the full spectrum

Published on November 18, 2018

Technology is transforming lending. Big data and the internet have combined to provide borrowers with new ways to access loan capital.  At the same time investors are able to access loan assets delivering enhanced returns and diversification. The result is a new ecosystem that efficiently matches borrowers with capital.

As this ecosystem becomes more efficient benefits will accrue to both borrower and lender. Because improved insight and lower deployment cost for investors translates into more attractively priced capital for borrowers.

But this relies on reliable, standardised, market data. The era of endless spreadsheets being crunched by analysts in an attempt to establish a base line for performance is over. Investors can now access consistent measures of performance to bring efficiency to their investment process. Millions of data points, representing a huge variety of loan types, have been cleansed, verified, and mapped to create like for like metrics. Think of the loan tapes from originators around the globe as beams of white light – Brismo creates the spectrum.