CapitalRise launches standardised performance metrics in partnership with Brismo 

Published on September 12, 2019

CapitalRise, the London based crowdfunding investment platform allowing a range of investors to fund bespoke prime residential property loans, has today announced a partnership with market leading performance data provider, Brismo.  


Brismo provide the only independent, standardised, performance benchmarks in the industry, promoting transparency and giving investors the tools to compare like for like metrics across different crowdfunding and peer-to-peer investment platforms.


With granular access to CapitalRise investment performance data, Brismo will provide independently verified metrics to investors, allowing them to compare, segment and download data including: loan to value ratios, outbound lending rates, loan terms, late payments, defaults, recoveries, net return, loss coverage and risk adjusted return.


Commenting on the announcement Uma Rajah, Co-founder and CEO of CapitalRise, said:

 “We are firm believers that investors want and deserve clarity and transparency above all else. We’re very proud of our investment performance and credit quality and are strong advocates of giving investors access to this data, so that they can easily compare us against other platforms. We hope this helps break down some barriers for those struggling to select the most suitable platform for their investment needs.”


Rupert Taylor, founder and CEO of Brismo, explained:

“We are thrilled to be working with CapitalRise and we look forward to helping them to advertise their impressive track record as they scale their operations and diversify their funding base.”  



Lending Performance Analytics


Brismo’s analysis includes a complete historic track record in a format that has been independently verified and is like for like comparable.  



About CapitalRise:

CapitalRise is a specialist prime property investment platform, using financial technology to raise cost-efficient funding for borrowers, from a range of investors.

Launched in 2016 by the founders of Finchatton, the international real estate design and development firm, CapitalRise investments are chosen by a team of experienced property professionals following an extensive due diligence process. From retail investors to high net worth individuals and institutions, CapitalRise provides access to the previously exclusive prime property investment market, giving investors simple and efficient access to asset-backed investment opportunities, offering attractive returns of 8-12% p.a. With a consistently successful investment redemption track record, just over £9 million in capital and return has already been returned to crowd investors. Since inception, CapitalRise has lent against over £330 million of prime property assets. With deep expertise in prime property development, CapitalRise offers borrowers bespoke, fast and efficient financing, and will lend below £5 million, which is a generally underserved area of the market.  More information is available at


About Brismo: 

Brismo is the market leading provider of standardised loan performance data, delivering like for like comparability, improved market efficiency, and the only performance benchmarks in the industry.

We work with market leading facilitators of a wide range of loan assets – from SME and consumer through to real estate and receivables – across all major geographies. We cover over 65% of UK and European marketplace lending and around 40% of US marketplace lending.

We bring efficiency to the market in loans by enabling loan facilitators to create credible performance metrics and investors to deploy capital more productively and cost effectively. More information is available at