Equitivo and Brismo Announce Partnership To Provide Investor Due Diligence Services

Published on September 20, 2019

Equitivo, Europe’s only full service fintech consultancy, is partnering with Brismo, the market-leading provider of lending performance data, to provide institutional investors with best in class due diligence into loan investment opportunities.  


The unique partnership will give investors a detailed and consistent understanding of investment potential across leading alternative finance platforms.  The combined competencies of the two businesses will ensure that originators of capital are best positioned to provide investors with the insight required to make a funding commitment.


Equitivo is a consultancy offering unrivalled insight to help fintech firms develop their strategy, operations and performance along with offering detailed capital markets advice to prepare platforms for a capital raise. Brismo constructs lending performance metrics, built on cash-flow level data, that enable loan originators to credibly demonstrate track record, and investors to deploy capital more productively and cost-effectively.


Together, the two companies will offer a quantitative and qualitative solution to identify performance, using a unique combination of ‘industry standard’ performance data, with strategic insight and consultancy. This partnership will offer investors improved transparency, and a deeper understanding into loan book performance.  


The two companies aim to help shift the industry from self-reported performance which makes it very difficult for investors to compare risk and return on a like for like basis.


Andrew Holgate, CEO of Equitivo, said, “Working alongside Brismo gives a new dimension to our consultancy services.  We believe this partnership will allow fintech investors – from new ones to savvy investors – to have the clearest understanding of the market and therefore grow confidence and credibility across this evolving sector.  Equally, platforms will benefit from unrivalled data-backed consultancy.”


Brismo’s CEO Rupert Taylor, said, “Responsible fiduciaries need to perform a price discovery exercise before they commit client capital. Equitivo offers the qualitative expertise that complements our data-led approach to ensure that investors can perform thorough due diligence. We are excited to be working with such a respected consultancy to help the loan market scale by attracting additional capital.”


About Equivito

Our name is derived from the Spanish words for equity and executive.  These are the qualities of being fair and impartial, and having the power to put plans into action. These values underpin the ethos of our business.

We act as an impartial advisor to businesses whilst creating the power to execute change.  Our highly experienced management team is adept at supporting fast moving and ambitious fintech businesses at all stages of their development.  We have an unrivalled insight to help fintech businesses due to our team having been in the same position as our clients; we’ve seen their problems with our own eyes.


About Brismo

Brismo brings efficiency to the market in loans, enabling loan originators to create credible performance metrics, and investors to deploy capital more productively and cost effectively.

Working with originators right across the spectrum of loans – from SME and consumer, to real estate and receivables – Brismo provides market leading performance metrics to a range of investor clients.

Since launching in the UK in 2014 our methodology has gained traction globally. We now cover over 65% of UK and European marketplace lending, over 50% of US marketplace lending, and are extending coverage to additional geographies, origination models, and loan types. We recently expanded into ‘direct lending’ and have also created metrics dedicated to reviewing the performance of real estate lenders.