Brismo partner with Link on UK Lending Index

Published on March 18, 2019

On Monday Link Asset Services announced their partnership with Brismo for the UK Marketplace Lending Index. In parallel with their sponsorship of the index Link have also published a report on the sector which will repeat semi annually. Whilst Brismo will continue to perform the loan level analysis required to construct the index we are delighted to partner with an authoritative and independent third party to provide insight into lastest trends.


Please find the report below together with accompanying commentary from Link Asset Services.  


2018 saw a record for gross new lending, climbing above £6bn for the first time.


Born out of the financial crisis, and enabled by the digital revolution, marketplace lending is beginning to fill the funding void created by the retreat of traditional banks, meeting borrower demand. At the same time, incredibly loose monetary policy has suppressed yields, leading retail and institutional investors to look further afield to boost their returns.


Platforms are hindered by fewer operational hurdles than traditional banks. They do not receive the same regulation, and do not have the costs associated with legacy IT and physical branches. They do not take risk onto their own balance sheets, and although some utilise contingency funds, they do not face the onerous capital requirements faced by banks.


This has facilitated rapid growth as marketplace lending moves into the mainstream. 2018 saw a record for gross new lending, climbing above £6bn for the first time, while the much-publicised IPO of Funding Circle marked another important milestone for the sector.


However, it has not been an entirely smooth ride. UK property lender Lendy’s issue with late payments made the headlines last year, while LendingClub’s governance failings in the US in 2016 hit confidence in the sector. Exceptions they may be, but they strengthen calls for tighter regulation, which will bring greater credibility to marketplace lending as an asset class. It also reinforces the need for an improved approach to risk management by the industry as it expands.


Greater regulation, following the FCA’s recent consultation paper, should go some way to calming any nerves relating to higher loss rates in the sector. The loss experience is increasing across lending to consumers and businesses, weighing on returns in the past couple of years. This has not yet deterred the provision of capital; attractive net returns of over 4% for 3-year term assets remain hard to find elsewhere in the fixed income universe.


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