New Arrears Bucket Analysis From AltFi Data….

Published on February 19, 2018

Late payment data, if properly represented, has the potential to provide unique insight.

By illustrating:

  • the proportion of borrowers that are late with a payment
  • how late they are
  • the direction of travel

all to consistent and objectively verified standards, it allows users to:

  • improve their understanding of the behaviour and characteristics of particular loan types
  • monitor market wide credit conditions both for sweet spots and signs of stress

We have over-hauled the arrears function in AltFi Data Analytics to extract exactly these insights. Our cash-flow level analytics allows us to identify exactly how many days over-due a loan is and we now provide buckets illustrating gradations of ‘lateness’. In this way users can extract a much richer picture of both the historic behaviour of different loan types and of real time credit conditions.


This functionality is available in two formats:

  • Dynamic analysis that can be segmented, charted and down loaded is available via our AltFi Data analytics online platform – click here to learn more
  • A fully up to date but static analysis is available via our monthly platform snapshots – click here to learn more