New Functionality and Full Year Origination Projections….

Published on July 13, 2018
Introducing Recovery Performance as a time series….

Users familiar with our net return methodology will already know that recovery performance is a critical part of the calculation – when an overdue loan is impaired the historically achieved recovery rate forms the basis for our assumed eventual recovery. Users can now track this metric in AltFi Data analytics – with all of the usual segmentation options.

Full Year origination projections
We have extrapolated H1 origination growth rates to forecast full year marketplace lending volumes. There is a marked seasonality in volumes so we have adjusted our projections to show a deviation in trend equivalent to the average deviation seen in prior years. The fastest growing segment for 2018 is set to be UK invoice funding, growing at over 100% year on year. This is particularly remarkable given that, overall, it is the EU that is seeing the strongest growth from a lower base, and is testament to the strong volume growth being seen, in particular, from MarketInvoice.