Products and services

Our standardised and verified performance metrics enable originators to widen their access to capital and reduce their cost of funding. Meanwhile investors can mechanise the investment process allowing capital to be deployed based on sound analysis and an efficient process.

Services for investors

Investors need a common performance standard to make the investment process efficient – from due diligence to valuation. We provide a series of tools to facilitate investment into loan assets.
Using raw data supplied by loan originators we create standardised and verified performance metrics. This facilitates due diligence, and provides the marks required for comprehensive risk management and credible valuations.

Services for originators

Originators can advertise the performance of the loans they distribute and provide metrics to enable investors to efficiently deploy capital.
A verified track record allows originators to widen their access to capital and reduce the cost of funding.
Loan level source data is converted using consistent methodologies, and distributed in a range of formats to allow for customisation.
All the while originators retain full control over who can review their performance.

Our products

We have developed a tech infrastructure capable of managing diverse sets of loans, with millions of lines of associated data, that can perform consistent calculations at scale.

  • Brismo analytics
  • Originator snapshots
  • Brismo lending indices
  • Performance widget
  • Brismo valuations

“Brismo is making huge progress towards solving the problems of standardisation and comparability across alternative finance.”

Gabriella Kindert, Head of Alternative Credit at NN IP

“Brismo has established credible methodologies that are becoming representative of this asset class.”

Simon Champ, CEO & Founder of MW Eaglewood Europe

“Transparency is not about providing the opportunity to download a rough .csv file. Transparency is providing the opportunity to perform like for like analysis. That’s exactly what Brismo is about – enabling investors to review platform loan books using standardised metrics.”

Roberto Condulmari, Fund Manager at Compass Asset Management

“Brismo has done a good job of collating, analysing and presenting the platforms’ loan books making it easier to understand a platform’s performance.”

Jaidev Janardana – CEO of Zopa

“Brismo’s standardized metrics allow investors to streamline their due diligence and ongoing analysis of the marketplace lending sector.”

John Goldson – Prosper Marketplace