Transition Matrices Launched, MarketInvoice Volumes Booming

Published on June 15, 2018

New metrics launched in AltFi Data Analytics

Transition matrices are now live in AltFi Data Analytics. This new function allows us to illustrate the change in status of loans from one month to the next. As always the data is reported on a consistent basis allowing like for like comparison across originators and geographies. The metrics are displayed in both a graphical and tabular format allowing investors to gain valuable insights into borrower behaviour, asset quality, and servicing performance.


Monthly origination is booming at MarketInvoice



The signs are good that the market is responding positively to the new product offering at MarketInvoice. Monthly origination is booming with the platform originating £123m of lending in May, against invoices of a value of £143m. Using loans originated as the more consistent measure, which allows comparison with other platforms, we can observe that £123m is close to a monthly record for UK originators in 2018. Funding Circle printed £124m back in March of this year, and whilst Funding Circle volumes are no longer reported on a monthly basis, that gives MarketInvoice the second biggest monthly origination figure of any platform this year and, we suspect, the biggest of any UK platform for the month of May.